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During discovery, the Secretary provided the operator with a privilege log and listed the SA forms as protected by the deliberative process privilege, and declined to provide copies.
The General Assembly is the main deliberative, policy making and representative organ of the United Nations.
Enoch's second positive argument for Robust Realism, the Argument from Deliberative Indispensability, is inspired by arguments that take the form of an inference to the best explanation (IBE).
PM Manmohan Singh's last year's message about the Right to Information ( RTI) Act affecting the deliberative process of the government seems to have finally percolated down to the bureaucrats.
When a person allows harm that they could easily prevent, that actually requires more carefully controlled deliberative thinking [to view as wrong].
Without diminishing the significance of teaching the concepts of distributive justice in social welfare policy, this article seeks to emphasize the importance of also teaching the concepts of deliberative justice.
Legislation under the deliberative theory of democracy is similar to common-law adjudication, in that in both cases, legitimacy depends on a process of exchanging reasons about the appropriate collective course of action.
This paper therefore undertakes analysis rooted in the communicative and, in particular, deliberative aspects of democracy, within which legitimacy is sought through the participation of those affected by a collective decision (or their representatives) in consequential deliberation about that decision.
The results add to other evidence for a general inhibition system that handles both motor and deliberative control, the authors suggest.
In response to the changing nature of policy-making in pluralistic societies, a number of bioethics scholars have suggested that the principles of deliberative democracy may be the way forward.
The literature on deliberation, and deliberative democracy in particular, includes the work of Jurgen Habermas, (2-4) John Rawls, (5) Jon Elster, (6) James Bohman, (7) Amy Gutman and Dennis Thompson, (8) Diego Gambetta (9) and James Fearon.
Deliberative democracy encourages groups of diverse constituents to come together and have a civil discourse about the issues facing the community in order to put forth a representative public opinion of what government should or should not do (often in response to the finished work product of a professional staff of consultants).