deliberative group

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In a recent briefing at the New America Foundation, a Washington think tank, Hoh outlined recommendations with other members of the deliberative group who hailed from an array of political affiliations, some noting that they did not ultimately endorse the final document, which has 46 signatories.
If too many participants in a deliberative group speak to the record rather than to each other, innovative ideas do not get their due and the search for a consensus settles too quickly on the status quo or the easiest, though not the best, solutions.
Second, the deliberative group must reasonably represent the range of viewpoints pertinent to the issue at hand.
How, then, can deliberative groups (where the members interact with each other) make decisions that are of high quality and that group members support?
However, some jurisdictions in North America and elsewhere have successfully created deliberative groups for municipal decision-making using these principles (Roberts 2004).
Boards today tend to be small, and rightly so: Deliberative groups much larger than a dozen members tend to become unwieldy.