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So why not do it by showing that extra care for our loved ones and infusing walnuts in our ever so favorite Indian delicacies.
Shanghai Kitchen has enlisted in its team talented culinary experts to create some of the most exotic Chinese delicacies, so that Shanghai Kitchen leaves an indelible impression on the tongue and the mind.
While on the sets, she ate some Hyderabadi delicacies, a source said.
However, since the package had been in transit for a few weeks, the delicacies were no longer edible.
This Christmas season promises to be special, as we have just turned into a full bakery and wish to show that holidays can be big fun with NOLA's festive line of baked delicacies.
Two of the most prominent Maguindanaon delicacies are the pastil and sininang kambing.
Mediterranean Delicacies humus, together with a wide range of other dips, salads, fish, pickles and cheeses, is available at all leading retailers.
Number of stalls have been set-up in different local markets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, at evening citizens throng to local markets to have soups ,Kashmiri tea fried fish and lots of other delicacies especially in the chilly weather,experts observed.
DELI sandwich filling to premium dip food manufacturer Zorba Delicacies is creating 100 jobs in a near-PS10m new factory expansion.
Dehradun UTTARAKHAND government has provided clean chit to bureaucrats and officers who stayed in expensive hotels while relishing butter chicken, rasgulla and other delicacies in course of relief operation duty during the 2013 disaster.
The company is started by a couple; one being Indian and other being Israeli, these food aficionados have travelled the world and savored the delicacies of various cultures and are in India to offer the taste of world cuisine to Indian market.
30pm) THE team return with new investigations into our favourite delicacies.