delicate distinction

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Boxer, by the way, made certain delicate distinctions of his own, in his communication with Bertha, which persuade me fully that he knew her to be blind.
Having done stints on Wall Street with Citicorp Securities and ING Barings, Sinha explains the delicate distinction between a banker on The Street and the one at the HQ: The former can get a mandate, execute it, and then move on; the latter has to live with the mandate and ensure that value is created for shareholders over the long term.
Amid all the chatter about Tessa Jowell's political survival and the delicate distinction between fees and bribes in Italy, I have been struck by the financial arrangements of the Jowell/Mills household.
Rabbi Jill Jacobs, executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights-North America, has explained that Jewish thought attempts "to negotiate the delicate distinctions among something with no person-ness whatsoever (like a mole), a potential life, and a fully formed human being (the pregnant woman).
Second, in its fine-tuning of the arguments among specialists about what groups or what kinds of people formed the target of the Oprichnina and bore the brunt of its assaults, the authors do not clearly explain the stakes or significance of the delicate distinctions among these theories.