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The delicateness and lightness of his drawings imply the running of pure lines, the spatial concept of the sketch, the airiness of his modulations of light and shade.
The subtle transformation that Quincie experiences is conveyed with a vocal delicateness that matches the story with near perfection and with all the dark romance and seduction present in the author's chosen words.
There's a contrast between the delicateness of what they do and how they look.
Flavour and quality are paramount in all Popty'r Bryn products, which are sold in delicateness, convenience stores, farm shops and butchers.
This delicateness of imagery is typical of the collection; it continues in 'Dawn Rain' where 'a sheath of Egyptian cotton' covers the moment of a father's death.
Their nine track demo is full of the slow/fast quiet/loud blueprint that settle in most Nu-Metal influenced bands but Silence Means Nothing and Autumn Flowers have a delicateness which should help this band to rise above the fact that if young bands don't sound like Oasis they are Nu-metalers.
She found the delicateness of a spider's web and she stole the yellow of the bright, shining sun for her feet.
116) Notwithstanding his decision, President Bush is acutely aware of the issues' delicateness.
Their sexual intimacy is marked by a delicateness and sensuality that creates in Renay intense feelings of passion, erotic desire, and orgasmic ecstasy, which differ significantly from her experiences with Jerome, as she and the narrator contend:
Herman de Coninck, the recently deceased Flemish poet and critic, said of Van Toorn's style: "good taste, delicateness, intimacy, compassion; in short, many small things, but in a large number; an embracing rhyme system against the cold; an unassuming, modest language so common it becomes elementary.
My Beaujolais Nouveau will be elegant, silky, full and fresh, with the tenderness and marvelous delicateness of a truly pleasurable wine.
I won't forget the delicateness of the skins and the enticing flavour of truffle oil.