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Wash it on a low temperature delicates setting with mild detergents.
Unio terminalis delicates, cage culture, stocking density, growth performance, water quality parameters
Classify or group clothes into 5 categories: Whites, Light (pastel colors), Dark (black, navy, dark green, and red), Towels, and the Delicates (underwear, tights and lace).
Researchers at Berkeley, California, have developed a robot that can clear up dirty clothes, classify them into coloureds, delicates and so on, wash and dry using the right cycles, fold them and put them away.
It helps cut laundry time by allowing one to wash colored and white clothes (or delicates and heavy items) in separate tubs at the same time.
Dans une declaration au journal Achourouk, le secretaire general du syndicat de la surete republicaine, Mohamed Ali Rouissi, a accuse un nombre de politiciens d'espionner le cabinet du ministre de l'Interieur, Lotfi Ben Jeddou et de contribuer a la fuite des documents et des informations tres graves et delicates sur le terrorisme.
After a day at the same venue last year it took the best part of Sunday morning to scrub the delicates of a Discovery.
Une derniere ligne droite impressionnante Dans des conditions meteo delicates (temperature fraEche autour des 13 degres), et malgre un couloir a sa droite libere avant l'heure par le champion d'Europe Churandy Martina pour faux-depart, Bolt a parfaitement gere son affaire.
Via cette 4eme edition, le Rallye du Maroc historique devra confirmer son statut d'epreuve sportive exigeante, empruntant des pistes parfois delicates et traversant des panoramas de toute beaute.
Immersion Care - For delicates and items requiring a gentler wash cycle, Immersion Care technology eases water and detergent through clothes and offers a gentle spin cycle for a complete clean that protects the wash load.
The potential bilateral trade deals and agreements were also expected between the trade delicates of both sides.