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9 Wash Cycles: Features nine multiple wash cycles to meet all of your washing needs such as delicate, comforter, bedding and casual.
come on, let's be honest and call them what they are: Really Nice Cars, often with Kobe quality leather upholstery, television sets and the delicate ride of feather on the wind.
Dora Ratjen, otherwise known as Hermann, was ordered to strap down his delicates and take part in the high jump.
The potential bilateral trade deals and agreements were also expected between the trade delicates of both sides.
SITUATED in the picturesque village of Aberdaron on the Llyen Peninsula, Gwesty Tye Newydd offers local delicates such as freshly-caught Bardsey lobster or crab which customers can enjoy while looking out at the panoramic views of the bay and sandy beach.
A Paris-based hand-wash product manufacturer can help you with more those just those delicates you need to launder for Valentine's Day.
Barry John, Wales on Sunday Not since the 1970s has a Welsh boot been so well positioned to deliver a kick to England's delicates.
And keep any delicates to pots and hanging baskets that can be fenced off or hung out of harm's way.
Ideally, all fine lingerie should be hand-washed, but if you don't have time, put them in a bag or pillow case to stop them getting tangled in the washer, and use the delicates setting.
Other niche products included Persil Silk & Wool, a product in powder or liquid for looking after machine washable silk, wool and delicates.
Leur detection et leur quantification sont certes delicates, mais demeurent possible par l'utilisation de nez electroniques, concept developpe initialement par la recherche militaire anglo-saxonne.