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In 1925 the committee's work to delimitate the Bordeaux area started and the negotiations for the Champagne area delimitation resumed.
Da una breve indagine orientativa condotta per nostro conto su campioni di testo del Corano e di "Al-hadith al-qudsi", raccolta di sentenze di Maometto compresa nella "sunna", deriva una conferma del fatto che il passivo non e usato con frequenza apprezzabile in arabo classico e quanto viene adoperato lo e di solito per funzioni abbastanza ben delimitate, legate, corne gia detto, al carattere indefinito o impersonale dell'agente.
In this area it is also possible to delimitate zone [J.
Suffice to say that try, catch and finally are keyword that delimitate distinct code blocks in a way that, if any exception occurs inside a try block (exception may occur even in a different method in a different binary file) execution is automatically branched to the first sentence of the catch block.
It is generally admitted that, because a writer always belongs to a cultural and linguistic community with boundaries often difficult to delimitate, he/she (especially the African writer) can never remain outside the duality (the double "I" phenomenon) imposed by the writing "game".
The constitution-making process in Afghanistan therefore remained closely linked to the international community's efforts to delimitate the borders within which political compromises were to be reached to accommodate political and cultural preconditions for the popular acceptance of the constitutional framework.
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There is also no approach available which can delimitate critical thinking from other higher-order thinking skills like, for example, "creative thinking", "problem solving", or "decision making".
This is why we consider to be of utmost importance to try to delimitate the demos, as an important factor in the decision-making process.