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To be accurate, the Sino-Russian border, which remained stable until the mid-19th century, was delimitated by a series of treaties between the late 17th century and the mid-18th century (Spence 1991: 79).
The thallophytes can grow (1) as single thalli or tiny patches within a phytocoenose, (2) as synusiae of single growth form, and (3) as stands of bryophytes, lichens and/or algae in spatially delimitated spots with scarce or no cover of vascular plants and often in gaps in the vegetation.
Teacher professional identity can be defined as the group of internal representations that teachers holds about their own teaching and role as docents which are stable across time and content delimitated (Beijaard et al.
We delimitated territory boundaries based on the location of behavioural observations consistent with defence of territorial borders as described in Shivik & Gese (2000).
Finally, the surface is delimitated horizontally by intersecting a plane n and thus gives a hybrid grid shell.
Afterwards, we removed the digestive tract of the individuals, modeled freehand and delimitated the regions between the esophagus and intestine to be processed histologically (Figure 1).
The region delimitated by the tracks of Ephemeroptera presented the lowest altitudes registered in Southern Brazil-what explains the coinciding pattern of distribution of its genera.
Cacicazgos, generally speaking, were already delimitated by the end of the fifteenth century and the sixteenth century.
Each of these regions produces wine, and each has delimitated wine zones within it.
16) It is not an area we delimit and identify in purely geographical terms; on the contrary, "Central and Eastern Europe" is particularised as such according to criteria other than neutral geographical ones; it actually represents a geographical area delimitated by political boundaries on a political map.
2) Despite the psychoanalyst contribution, the term has been delimitated and accepted by the scientific community, almost all, from Maslach's and Jackson's conceptualization, (3) who defined the syndrome as an answer to chronic stress consisting of three main factors: Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and low personal accomplishment.
See underground sites: Ipec and Branisko which have delimitated the period of increased or decreased geodynamics in their S-like course.