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In Russian and Ossetic, the features -dyn, -T are compatible with pre-fixations receiving an ingressive as well as a delimitative or perdurative meaning:
2006), "Prefixes in the Grammaticalization of Slavic Aspect: Telic s-/z-, Delimitative po- and Language Change via Expansion and Reduction", in: B.
Aspect Markers in Cantonese Form Meaning Zo2 perfective Gwo3 experiential Gan2 progressive Zyu6 continuous Haa5 delimitative Hoil habitual able 2.
That phonology can signal the boundaries of constituents has been well known since Trubetzkoy identified the delimitative function of phonology.
In this paper, I discuss the role of the so-called delimitative function in phonology, with the aim of arguing that it is actually more central than Trubetzkoy could envisage.