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However, d-Cast has three problems: the effect of broadcasting schedules by the start delimiter header, the synchronization of timing for delivering data, and sequential playback.
Try multiple file types, delimiters, and field types to get the best results for your specific situation.
The use of English language as a search delimiter potentially minimized international contributions.
Thus, the context and targets, not the technological tools or frequency of attacks, arc the more appropriate delimiters that distinguish cyber terror from information warfare.
Two delimiters were applied: year (1990 to 2009) and peer-reviewed publications.
They give a couple of delimiters but it is basically a very broad, poorly drafted statute that would allow AGs to investigate charities on how they use their assets.
The circular region-of-interest delimiters are indicated on images (a) and (c).
Nonetheless, they are effective delimiters of space, drawing one's eye across the vast salt plains.
While advancing readers advisory work, it has challenged librarians to review organisational pedagogies and behaviours which have been allowed to act as delimiters in the repositioning of readers advisory services as the core business of public libraries.
But again, any delimiters set on the number of attempts would violate Keller's course parameters with regard to mastery and it would also affect student self-pacing within the course.
There are instances where commas are used as decimal degree delimiters (a common practice in parts of Europe) rather than periods, which are more customary in the U.
Thus, operators, delimiters, valid numbers, valid identifiers and reserved words in PASCAL can be represented as regular expressions.