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The intergovernmental commissions delineated 1,007 km of the border.
Indeed, it is hard to imagine that the Lebanon-Syria border will be fully delineated and demarcated until many of the unresolved questions affecting it - Hizbullah's armed status, Syrian-Israeli peace talks, the fate of the Palestinians - are answered first.
2] These standards are most current ones delineated by the professional organizations AFT, NCME, and NEA.
The artist has delineated angular and irregular abstract shapes in silver against white surfaces; within the shapes are cursive doodles, also silver.
Wages for domestic labor remained very stable over the century, although gifts and tips may have increased significantly within households in which the servant hierarchy was highly delineated.
States that could be delineated were (a) disjointed, (b) phrase disjointed, (c) short-utilitarian, (d) sidetracked, and (e) coherent whole.
7) When the points delineated by lines E, F, G, and H are above the baseline, they are classified as positive (p); when they are below the baseline, they are classified as negative (n).
There is no clear model delineated to determine a physician's reward around the increased productivity of their managed care population.
Those pupils residing within the delineated area of St Mungo's Primary School should transfer to St Mungo's Academy.
The Hemenway and Carby articles illustrate that the controversies delineated in the introduction are ongoing rather than purely historical.
The gold-bearing zone, partially delineated by the current program represents only one of several gold-bearing skarns which are present in the San Lazarus project area.
The bank either has failed to deliver its credit products within its delineated community--focusing instead on extending credit to more distant locales--or it has not adequately served the low- to moderate-income neighborhoods within its delineated community.