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Comedy Central will likely argue that his character was sufficiently delineated and therefore, a character they own, just as they may own characters on other shows they own.
The intergovernmental commissions delineated 1,007 km of the border.
The study also delineated the 38 km thick crystalline crust of Indian shield which is dipping at an angle of 50NE in the Muzaffarabad city.
Indeed, it is hard to imagine that the Lebanon-Syria border will be fully delineated and demarcated until many of the unresolved questions affecting it - Hizbullah's armed status, Syrian-Israeli peace talks, the fate of the Palestinians - are answered first.
The artist has delineated angular and irregular abstract shapes in silver against white surfaces; within the shapes are cursive doodles, also silver.
Those pupils residing within the delineated areas of St Gilbert's Primary School, St Philomena's Primary School (part), St Roch's Primary School and St Stephen's Primary School should transfer to All Saints' Secondary School with effect from the start of the new session August 1996.
The Hemenway and Carby articles illustrate that the controversies delineated in the introduction are ongoing rather than purely historical.
The bank either has failed to deliver its credit products within its delineated community--focusing instead on extending credit to more distant locales--or it has not adequately served the low- to moderate-income neighborhoods within its delineated community.
The streams should be delineated with a minimum accuracy of 1 meter.
The footpaths over the land described in Part 1 of the Schedule to this Order ("the Schedule") and shown more particularly delineated by bold black lines on the map number reference TD/DH/Etal Lane 2015 ("the Drawing") which is attached to the Order, shall be stopped up as provided below.
503 km from 970 km of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border were delineated up to date, Kurbanbai Iskandarov told reporters on January 13.