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Would the truant eyes of Alston or Greenough turn, but for a time, from their gaze at the models of antiquity, to contemplate this wronged and humbled people, little would be left for such inferior artists as ourselves to delineate.
Written by the team of Rosanne Cerny, Penny Markey, and Amanda Williams, all experts in children's library services, Outstanding Library Service to Children: Putting the Core Competencies to Work is a guide for librarians that delineates seven vital core competencies for successful service.
Specifically, the guidance delineates agencies' roles, interactions, and ways to resolve disputes.
From concept stores and design malls to lobbies and lounges, urban entertainment centers, fairs and expos, and much more, public spaces of all kinds draw upon the fundamental principles that Mikunda clearly delineates to better set their customers at ease and entice them into returning again and again.
But the cosmos that Adnan delineates is one that includes flights of imagery that are almost sci-fi but which are never left in space but continually return to the atrocity of the wringing of the Fertile Crescent by the beast hands of capitalism.
Patients are each provided with a text that clearly delineates their wish for assisted suicide in terms that can't be misconstrued and which enables them to carry out their wishes even in the face of outside opposition.
What may have been not only more interesting but more in line with the methodology used in discussions of the male writers is teasing out how she delineates an understanding of processes of racialization and the resulting measuring posts of Blackness that her writing will be judged against.
Nature writer Russell delineates such myriad attributes of flowers in lyrical prose about blooms' fascinating ways of communicating, adapting to their environment, and evolving.
Sharon Daniel's project, one of a series of "collaborative systems," neatly delineates several kinds of narrative construction "at the intersection of chance and interpretation"--relying on the roll of dice to determine juxtapositions of image and text.
One line (figure 1, solid line E) delineates the maximum lateral limit of the right frontal sinus.
Using a core of archival documents, judicial records and printed sources, "There Are No Slaves" delineates the struggle over the legal and cultural status of slavery and race in eighteenth-century France.
21) They present a table of organization that delineates the relationships to authority for the different functions as well as a formula for compensation of the incumbent for hospital-based services.