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As in the Chirico where objects threaten to deliquesce their thingness into the liquidity of emotional states, into pathos and despair, words, from the viewpoint of uncertainty, achieve an odd rightness of voice.
Though the ideal cannot be achieved, we must pursue it, for without it the otherness of the past would entirely deliquesce in endless subjective and ideological reappropriations.
This frustration with the limitations of thought qualifies the extent to which we may agree with David Lehman that "Ashbery does not reconcile contradictions; rather he presents them in a state of more-or-less peaceful coexistence" (102) because this supposed coexistence is an uneasy one, always threatening to deliquesce under the solvents of the critical mind.
It's supposed to ooze, deliquesce, attract carnivorous insects, and unto dust return.
But Vuillard's coquetry is even greater than Duncan's: the man in whole continues to deliquesce.