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Even though he [Calata] was involuntarily delisted, this time we still made it a requirement for him to do a tender offer even if it was an involuntary delisting.
Under the PSE's rules on delisting, having continuing capital deficiency or negative stockholders equity also constitutes grounds for delisting.
If a firm fails to meet the listing requirements of its respective stock exchange, the stock exchange will effectively "involuntary delist" the firm by filing Form 25-NSE, thereby delisting the firm without its official consent.
Of the 54, 20 applied for delisting and the rest failed to remain listed due to insolvency or other reasons.
The FWS says pre-existing state and federal laws will protect eagles even after delisting.
As of Friday, 162 or 80% of the 193 firms that delisted or applied for delisting since April did so because their shares are traded on multiple exchanges, while the remainder were due to such reasons as bankruptcies and failure to meet listing standards.
The delisting of grizzlies could occur anytime between now and 2005.
NOT DELISTED: Sound Source Interactive has requested a temporary exception from delisting before Nasdaq officials as it implements a plan to meet compliance rules for continued trading on the SmallCap Market.
Under TSE rules, delisting is required when more than 80% of a company's shares are owned by the top 10 shareholders or when the number of shareholders is less than 2,000.
Fighting the delisting effort is a coalition of environmental groups that includes the Sierra Club, the Natural Resource Defense Council, the Desert Protection Council, Defenders of Wildlife and the Mountain Lion Foundation.