deliver an address

References in classic literature ?
I've promised to deliver an address on his labors in zoology.
The acting Director General of the DPME, Tshediso Matona will deliver an address on the role of evidence in policy planning, monitoring and evaluation.
MOSCOW-- Barack Obama will deliver an address to the nation on "keeping the American people safe".
He will deliver an address to the Houses of Parliament ahead of a reception with all-party groups and a courtesy call from Labour leader Ed Miliband.
King Abdullah II will deliver an address at an Islamic conference on inter-faith dialogue and peace, in which he will highlight Islam's role in achieving the renaissance of the Muslim world, despite the challenges it is facing, and the Islamic values of tolerance, justice and equality.
Modi, who is a strong contender for the post of prime minister in India, is scheduled to deliver an address to the heads of banking and insurance companies in Gandhinagar on Wednesday.
He will also deliver an address at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy in Athens.
Van der Stede, CIMA professor of accounting and financial management, will deliver an address titled "Global governance: time for a behavioural revolution".
New Delhi, Oct 3 (ANI): The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, will read out the Queen's message and President Pratiba Devisingh Patil will deliver an address to signal the commencement of the XIX Commonwealth Games at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the main venue of the 2010 Games, during the opening ceremony to be held here on Sunday.
The UAE MP will deliver an address, outlining regional and international efforts towards attaining peace in the Middle East.
During the ceremony Prof Wathey, pictured, will deliver an address.
Mr Schwarzenegger, Republican Governor of California, will join the Conservatives gathering at Blackpool to deliver an address on climate change.