deliver judgment

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Justice Kolawole fixed the date to deliver judgment in the matter, which commenced in 2010 after parties adopted their written addresses.
Justice John Mativo will deliver judgment in the case filed by Havi, challenging the decision by the LSK to lock him out of the election for not meeting the age limit required by law.
According to Article 27, summary courts shall have jurisdiction to deliver judgment by imposing receivership on tangible or real property or a sum of funds that are the subject of dispute or if an entitlement is not certain in the event that the owner of the funds has reasonable ground to fear an imminent threat to the funds in the person holding it.
There had been speculations that the judiciary was trying to deliver judgment on Jaya, who is called by her party people as Amma (mother), in a hurry to coincide the announcement with Mother's Day.
2 John Collins, who appointed Craig his assistant at Hibs and Charleroi, reckons Saints fans should take a trip to the training ground before they deliver judgment.
BRUSSELS, May 16 (KUNA) -- The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Friday announced it has scheduled a hearing next Wednesday, 21 May, to deliver judgment on admissibility of a case against Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, son of late Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi.
A petition against the ban on gutkha and misuse of VIP security are the remaining cases in which he has to deliver judgment the remaining three days of his judicial career.
The High Court direction comes four days after a special CBI court set September 30 to deliver judgment against 45 accused, including RJD chief Prasad, in the fodder scam case.
7, Americans will have a golden opportunity to deliver judgment on the politicians and officials who misled them and the nation.
An employment tribunal is yet to deliver judgment on a claim by Miss Alam, 39, that she was the victim of constructive dismissal following the high-profile flings.
The Football Association face the likelihood of a heavy fine when Uefa's disciplinary committee reconvenes today to deliver judgment on unsavoury crowd scenes before, during and after England's 2-1 European Championship win in Slovakia on October 12.
A chaplain isn't Manager of the Universe or God's Deputized Personal Representative sent to earth to deliver judgment.