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published an exchange notice requesting the views of market participants on whether Brazil Arabica should be deliverable for the Coffee "C" contract.
00-21, companies generally had been required to recognize revenue from multiple deliverable arrangements on a single unit of accounting basis absent vendor-specific objective evidence (VSOE) or third-party evidence (formerly known as vendor objective evidence) of the fair value of the undelivered items.
Mailable file = 50,825,167 records (Includes known deliverable email records)
The right decisions were made only after careful consideration of the required deliverables to the U of A and the expected system maturity.
Providing the option to perform direct modeling from images, users can manage data and create deliverables more quickly compared to traditional methods.
Tenders are invited for Deliverables Based Information Technology Services.
Draft deliverable 2 by 30 December 2014, final deliverable 2 by 28 February 2015
The first deliverable will be a report that identifies revenue mechanisms to fulfill the requirements of P.
The potential of this highly deliverable XIENCE V Stent System represents a welcome option for physicians caring for patients with coronary artery disease.
The deliverable of Part 1 is to provide staff training authority, namely the training materials for hot rolling.
trial and pooled data from 1,300 patients across four global clinical studies provide further evidence that Endeavor stent is deliverable, effective and safe in treating patients with coronary artery disease.