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La fiction de Corambe, dont Sand raconte la genese dans Histoire de ma vie, opere une premiere delocalisation de soi en une posture "ambivalente, schizoide, bisexuelle", comme le montre le chapitre IV, "Corarnbe ou la lettre manquante" (81).
Sossion criticised the TSC's delocalisation programme which saw 557 head teachers transferred early this year to areas outside their counties.
La delocalisation etait motivee par la necessite de faire baisser les couts face a la pression constante sur les prix et a la concurrence grandissante.
Transfers will not improve results in national examinations and delocalisation is not premised on any sound education achievement strategy.
En effet, la 7e edition de ce festival sera organisee du 23 au 27 octobre en cours, au niveau de la maison de la culture Mouloud-Mammeri de Tizi Ouzou ou il a elu domicile depuis maintenant trois annees apres sa delocalisation de Ait Hichem ou il a pris naissance.
beaucoup moins que]Les intelligents sont ceux qui savent profiter de la mondialisation et de la delocalisation economique.
These will allow for the study of a range of emergent electronic phenomena on the 5-100nm length scale including, charge delocalisation, coherent electron-hole separation, singlet exciton fission, resonant energy transfer across the organic-inorganic interface and topologically protected electronic excitations.
In a report prepared with an eye on the orientation debate, on 22 June, the Danish Presidency of the EU recognises that there is a complete impasse regarding this dossier, due to the opposition of certain countries (the United Kingdom, Sweden, etc) to all forms of European intervention in the matter, and fear of delocalisation by other member states (Luxembourg, etc - see Europolitics 4443).
The steel industry executive stressed the risks of delocalisation that this system could cause and called for international sectoral agreements.
The commission announced it will undertake the delocalisation programme of principals and head teachers posted in their home counties to address any case of conflict of interest.
We have completed the process of reorganising the headship of some schools in the country through staff redeployments in what we have come to refer to as delocalisation," she said.
Toujours selon le ministre, " le deuxieme projet structurant identifie par le gouvernement concerne les centres miniers et a pour objectif d'ameliorer la qualite de vie des populations des regions minieres a travers la delocalisation des laveries des centres miniers de Metlaoui, Redayef, Om Laarayess et Mdhila, en dehors des villes ".