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4] keep in-plane with totally 50 delocalized p-[pi] electrons over the entire conjugation system.
See Delocalisation of International Commercial Arbitration, supra note 6, at 57 ("[T]he point is that a delocalized award may be accepted by the legal order of an enforcement jurisdiction although it is independent from the legal order of its country of origin.
This chemistry can be accomplished in a number of ways, including wrapping the CNT with a polymer chain, non-covalent [pi]-[pi] stacking to the delocalized aromatic network, and direct covalent ([sp.
Parts of Hb-derived iron are delocalized and accumulate in inert, poorly accessible iron storage compartments (5, 6).
The LUMO for dichloromethane is at the carbon; as would be expected, the LUMO for benzyl chloride is delocalized among all of the aromatic carbons.
The second course is delocalized (Synchronous at distance), the trainer is located at the coordinator of the INPRO research network in Timisoara but at this course are attending learners from all partners.
The tangentially delocalized [sigma]-bonds, which are the most stable bonds in chemistry, and a huge HOMO-LUMO gap turn the icosahedral cages into an extraordinarily stable system in the extreme conditions of electrophilic and oxidative reactivity [3].
We live in a globalized and thus delocalized world, a world where we pass from one nonplace to another.
In order to have the low bass properly delocalized, it is necessary to have the crossover point so low that the satellite midrange drivers cannot smoothly reach down to neatly dovetail with the subwoofer.
Is this idea of a distributed, socialized, delocalized, mortal soul in any sense a Jewish notion?