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Tous les mechants sont beuveurs d'eau; C'est bien prouve par le deluge.
And the mercenary soldiers, waiting but the word to deluge the street with blood, showed the only means by which obedience could be secured.
The conversation of our party soon became more animated and sincere, and we recounted some traditions of the Indians, who believed that the father and mother of their race were saved from a deluge by ascending the peak of Mount Washington.
The canoe was nearly overturned, and a deluge of water came pouring over the gunwale.
we want rain sadly; that’s the worst of this climate of ours, it’s either a drought or a deluge.
The sun is sometimes obscured for weeks, the brooks swell into roaring torrents, and the country is threatened with a deluge.
But in the other two destructions, by deluge and earthquake, it is further to be noted, that the remnant of people which hap to be reserved, are commonly ignorant and mountainous people, that can give no account of the time past; so that the oblivion is all one, as if none had been left.
All the preceding afternoon and night heavy thunderstorms had hissed down upon the meads, and washed some of the hay into the river; but this morning the sun shone out all the more brilliantly for the deluge, and the air was balmy and clear.
It was the hottest day we had seen yet--the sun-flames shot down like the shafts of fire that stream out before a blow-pipe--the rays seemed to fall in a steady deluge on the head and pass downward like rain from a roof.
The sky, covered with clouds, seemed to be laying in supplies for a fresh deluge.
The barbarians passed over the Coliseum; the deluge, perhaps, passed over the Pyramids.
The deluge came--all hell broke loose upon the jungle.