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I briefly related to him what had transpired: the strange laugh I had heard in the gallery: the step ascending to the third storey; the smoke,--the smell of fire which had conducted me to his room; in what state I had found matters there, and how I had deluged him with all the water I could lay hands on.
He tried the effect of ear-rings, ribbons, and collars; wound up the watch, though it was n't time; burnt his inquisitive nose with smelling-salts; deluged his grimy handkerchief with Fan's best cologne; anointed his curly crop with her hair-oil; powdered his face with her violet-powder; and finished off by pinning on a bunch of false ringlets, which Fanny tried, to keep a profound secret.
to have deluged Christendom with ink, to say nothing of the gore.
Thrasymachus, when he had thus spoken, having, like a bathman, deluged our ears with his words, had a mind to go away.
For three days Perrault and Francois threw chests up and down the main street of Skaguay and were deluged with invitations to drink, while the team was the constant centre of a worshipful crowd of dog-busters and mushers.
She insisted that the Doctor should call twice a day; and deluged her patient with draughts every two hours.
The next moment canvas, framework, and trailing guys were whisked away into the darkness, and Saxon and Billy were deluged with rain.
On one frightful night, when they expected their hulk to turn over with them every moment, a heavy sea broke on board, deluged the store-rooms and spoiled the best part of the remaining provisions.
Deluged cooling water is kept at constant inlet temperature of 28[degrees]C (82.
Summary: London: A leading BBC sports presenter was deluged by a barrage of criticism after he .
Several villages have been deluged by floodwater in Jati city.
Torrential rain caused devastation and hampered relief efforts in the deluged north west region where more than 1,100 people have already died.