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1) The second sister probably escaped the delusional disorder as she was educated, had friends, and married.
For cases of primary delusional infestation, the goal generally is to decrease the patient's preoccupation with the delusion and to improve social and occupational functions.
Although patients with delusional disorder and those with schizophrenia both have delusions, the delusions of the latter typically are bizarre and unlikely to be possible.
11] While the frequency of major delusional themes is stable over longer periods, the specific shape of this content, for example "who is the persecutor," "what is the reason for the persecution," mainly depends on actual developments.
But we are so unaccustomed to people resigning from any position, that whoever does so must be a delusional megalomaniac.
Approximately 5%-15% of patients with delusional infestations will exhibit delusions shared with a spouse or relative (folie a deux) or shared with more than one family member or close friend (folie partage).
Rosiello was mentally ill at the time of his wife's death and had the delusional belief she was cheating on him with other men and plotting to have him killed.
Daniel Oscroft, defending, said: "Her delusional beliefs, and her psychiatric issues which led to her believing them, had allowed her to develop such antipathy towards her mother.
Responding to Assad's remarks, Hague said: "This will go down as one of the most delusional interviews that any national leader has given in modern times.
Although he has a factual awareness that an execution date has been scheduled for the crime for which he was tried, he does not believe that he will be executed because of his illogical, fixed, and firmly held delusional belief system," she wrote.
Winston Smith On the Victoria Square anti-capitalism protest Look at these delusional hippies.
It considers whether a general account can be given of delusional mental states.