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Literature review indicates that shared delusional disorder most often occurs among married couples, siblings, and mother and child.
The condition, which involves the delusional belief that one's skin is "infested" with parasites, fibers, or some other materials, can result from another cause, said Dr.
The excessive media hype and political interference in our day to day life can easily explain the formation of the delusion and the inclusion of 'persecutor concerned' into his delusional picture.
I don't know if the kind Ms Nicolaou is megalomaniac, although she almost became delusional from the pressure to keep her mouth shut.
The medical committee examined the woman twice and decided that she suffers from a delusional disorder.
Internet search engines were queried with the keywords as search terms to examine the latest scientific articles on delusional infestations in order to describe a variety of clinical and behavioral manifestations, develop a differential diagnosis, and recommend new and effective management strategies.
Rosiello was not suffering from a delusional disorder or cocaine dependency disorder at the time of the slaying.
Jailing her for five years, Judge Richard Griffith-Jones said he was dealing with her as if her delusional belief had been true - although that still did not excuse what she did.
I couldn't tell whether he was sane or insane, delusional or lying to me, or whether he might just be telling the truth," Stevens explains.
This will go down as one of the most delusional interviews that any national leader has given in modern times," Hague said.