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In sixteen of those cases, defendants received an uncontested diagnosis of delusional disorder.
Keywords: body image, biopsychosocial model, delusional disorders, developmental disability, intellectual disability, mental retardation, psychiatric disorder
Whether or not persons with delusional disorder are dangerous to others has not been systematically investigated, but clinical experience suggests that such persons do not often resort to violence.
This is the purest form of delusional disorder I have ever come across DR CARINE MINNE BELFAST YESTERDAY
DURATION OF TREATMENT Disorder In Patients With After Adequate Inadequate Response * Response ** Delirium 1 day 1 wk Dementia with agitation 5 days 3 mo and delusions Dementia with agitation 7 days 3 mo without delusions Schizophrenia 2 wk indefinitely Delusional disorder 2 wk 6 mo to indefinitely Agitated nonpsychotic 1 wk 2 mo major depression Psychotic major 1 wk 6 mo depression Nonpsychotic major 2 wk 2 mo depression with severe anxiety Mania with psychosis 5 days 3 mo Mania without psychosis 1 wk 2 mo * Responses to the question, How long would you continue treatment in an older patient before making a change in treatment regimen if the patient is having an inadequate response?
Sell has a history of mental illness and suffers from delusional disorder, persecutory type.
Ashman's psychiatrist Dr Jacqueline Short said her patient suffered from a delusional disorder, known as paranoid psychosis.
Deputy District Judge Javaid Azam said it was clear the man, an unemployed bachelor, was suffering from a delusional disorder and ordered him to be detained in hospital until doctors deemed he was fit to be released.
Sharma testified Thursday that Avanesian still suffers from delusional disorder and thinks illogically.
Rosiello was suffering from a delusional disorder and cocaine-dependency disorder at the time of his wife's death and said he lacked the capacity to form the intent to kill or do grievous bodily harm necessary for a first-degree murder conviction.
He is being held in a psychiatric unit because he was diagnosed with a delusional disorder.
How likely is antipsychotic medication to restore a defendant with delusional disorder to competency?