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Like the Banher, the Globe's editorial department delusionally believed they were social avengers appeasing the masses by humiliating the aristocracy.
In the California case, an alleged burglar caught in the victim's home with a swagbag of the victim's goods, claimed that he believed delusionally that he was in his own apartment and that the goods belonged to him.
It was marked by the fact that no single movement was its key, as Abstract Expressionism was for the '50s, Pop art for the '60s--and, delusionally, neo-Expressionism for the '80s.
He typifies the politics of confrontation, which delusionally believe that harassing women entering abortion clinics is effective in protecting unborn life.
that he delusionally believed that the apartment and the property
He's an average hacker who's evolved through the trilogy into the superheroic savior of a mankind delusionally enslaved by mechanical masters, via a computer program that makes most humans believe they're actually living in the utterly virtual title world.
If he portrays homosexual transsexuals as sex-obsessed queens, the autogynephiles emerge as masturbation addicts delusionally driven to feminize their bodies.
Lawyers say Mr Luna is "a mentally unstable stalker who delusionally believes he has had a relationship with her".
offense the defendant genuinely but delusionally believed he was acting