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In translating "upright" into "fallen," it confuses the delusive distinction between them.
The League rejected all political participation on the grounds that it could achieve nothing of value--"to hold out as baits hopes of the amelioration of the condition of the workers, to be wrung out of the necessities of the rival factions of our privileged rulers is delusive and mischievous.
14) Throughout his essays on poetry, Mill seems to agree with Martineau, who states that "[t]he imaginative emotion which an idea when vividly conceived excites in us, is not an illusion but a fact, as real as any other qualities of objects; and far from implying anything erroneous and delusive in our mental apprehension of the object, is quite consistent with the most accurate knowledge and most perfect practical recognition of all its physical and intellectual laws and relations" (cited in Creevy 125).
The novel's narrator informs us that "Tableaux vivants depend for their effect not only on the happy disposal of lights and the delusive interposition of layers of gauze, but on a corresponding adjustment of the mental vision.
But I would not lead people to rely on this Court for a review that seems to me wholly delusive.
The poignancy of the dismal lapidary pronouncements of the Vanity's opening lines is sharpened by our knowledge of how pressing, in practice, irrational fears were to Johnson throughout his life, and how attached he was to the idea that delusive hopes are better than no hope at all.
These three volumes reveal how little Rowe's main themes have changed: his love of Italy and the dandified artifices of sixteenth-century Mannerism, and his contempt for what he sees as Modernism's delusive and destructive vices: 'physics envy, Zeitgeist worship, object fixation and stradaphobia'.
Through the thoughts of General Archbald, Glasgow shows how this delusive desire painfully haunts our reflections of the past, identifying this longing for such permanence as one tragedy of the human condition.
A certain lull in gas relations in the former Soviet republics is delusive, and smouldering controversies with suppliers from Central Asia and providers of gas transit to Europe can escalate at any moment.
He also reiterated that the notion of drawing distinction between good, moderate and bad terrorists is delusive and is based on a profit-seeking approach.
The partial Muse has from my earliest hours Smiled on the rugged path I'm doomed to tread, And still with sportive hand has snatch'd wild flowers, To weave fantastic garlands for my head: But far, far happier is the lot of those Who never learn'd her dear delusive art; Which, while it decks the head with many a rose, Reserves the thorn to fester in the heart.
These delusive channels are trying to exploit the border crossings to indicate that there is emigration of some families in order to exaggerate the reality", she said.