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In both cases horse dreaming and its loss articulates a deeper meditation on the creative force of imagination and its equally delusive potential.
This strategy is not only desperate; it is also delusive, for it seems obvious that, if the planet is to remain habitable, competition in economic growth must give way to competition in quality of life.
Vondel shows that the old woman is so overwhelmed by emotions that she can create only delusive mental images.
This 15-minute short, directed by Jan Riesenbeck, involved a cast of more than 200 extras in its depiction of delusive worlds and life as a puzzle: "sometimes, all the pieces fit together, but the picture makes no sense at all", is the intriguing concept behind the storyline.
Hilla / NINA / Member of the provincial council of Babylon Hassan al-Janabi warned of the existence of delusive civil society organizations with fake certificates that could be exploited by terrorist sides and some countries in espionage operations and the transfer of information to parties hostile to the security and stability of Iraq in general and Babylon in particular.
Frances Wyers depicts this opposition between history and intrahistory noting that "the former is the record of people who act and 'make noise' and whose works constitute a 'false and delusive tradition', while the latter .
Smith sees Beatrice, the prophetess of Ferrera, and Euthanasia, the queen of Valperga castle, as the two extremes of female prophecy: Beatrice represents wild, delusive enthusiasm whereas Euthanasia stands for a more progressive prophecy "tempered by an expansive philosophical outlook that enables her to change and grow" (207).
So we donaACAOt want delusive promises and populist speeches.
Every now and then the world is visited by one of these delusive seasons, when the "credit system" .
In his Life of John Wesley Childs (1852) John Ellis Edwards (1852) cites a letter to Childs' sister dated May 3, 1837: "The World is all a delusive dream--nay, a cheat; let us then put it down.
In an essay titled "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" ("My Miscellaneous Learning") and originally published in installments in Gujin, Zuoren Zhou argued that Wang's "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" ("Discussive Weighing") manifested a spirit of "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" ("detesting the delusive and valuing the reasonable") and so did Li's works.