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A graphical display shows the status of demagnetizing and magnetizing steps, magnetic holding forces, and a guide for cleaning the platen contact surface.
We motored south for Yanks Jetty, a secluded, white-sand cove that was used as a submarine demagnetizing station during World War II.
9) As I noted in my previous recommendation essay, I still believe that most esoteric audio accessories and nostrums (green ink, edge stabilizers, disc weights, amplifier bricks, special power cords, vibration isolators, speaker spikes, clamp racks, digital clocks, exotic speaker stands, tuning dots, disc freezing, disc or system demagnetizing, etc.
On the subject of demagnetizing schools, Frederick Douglass said it best in 1883:
Both types can be switched on and off, provide automatic demagnetizing of workpieces, and have sufficient holding power to be useful in chipmaking operations.
As the limestone was only weakly magnetized, the observed signal was unmeasurable after demagnetizing in peak fields of 7.
The basic steps for using the magnetic particle testing procedure consist of magnetizing the test casting, applying magnetic particles in powder form to the test specimen, examining the surface area for tell-tale clusters of powder and, finally, demagnetizing the casting.