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Denis Kearney, a notorious demagogue of San Francisco, whose audiences
This editor, who published patent medicine advertisements, called me a scoundrelly demagogue because I dared him to print in his paper the truth about patent medicines.
There is in the world a very aged rioter and demagogue who breaks into the most refined retreats with the dreadful information that all men are brothers, and wherever this leveller went on his pale horse it was Father Brown's trade to follow.
Jones wrote a full and particular account of the dinner, which appeared duly in the Demagogue.
Come," he said, "you can have no sympathy with Reginald Brott, the sworn enemy of our class, a Socialist, a demagogue who would parcel out our lands in allotments, a man who has pledged himself to nothing more nor less than a revolution.
He was too lazy even for a mere demagogue, for a workman orator, for a leader of labour.
The reason behind this growing intolerance is that the Muslim intelligentsia has taken a backseat and the vacuum has been filled by certain demagogues who are neither well-versed with the teachings of Islam nor have any worldly knowledge.
It is a game of various egoists, cynics, self-absorbed and dishonest demagogues that lie frequently.
Demagogues like Najee Ali and Tony Mohammed would be out of their jobs.
Hirschhorn wants his compatriots to consider the possibility of their democratic insularity turning sour through the meddling of such populist demagogues.
They are built to withstand the assaults of small-minded demagogues and friends in high places.