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Yet wooing voters back from populist demagogues may require nothing less.
Make no mistake, I certainly do not equate the actions of nationalist demagogues with those of Daesh," he said.
Trump is among many demagogues who promise to restore a state of primal wholeness, defining this unity of the people against the insidiously divided loyalties of transnational elites.
It is clear that today's demagogues don't much care about what they derisively call "political correctness.
Years have passed, but I remain very skeptical of religious demagogues in our time who use a mixture of religious and political rhetoric to justify their claims for financial or political advancement.
But the failure of African leaders to speak out boldly against the tyrants in their midst--witness the stubborn refusal of South Africa's Thabo Mbeki to isolate Mugabe economically and politically--also helps to legitimize these thugs and demagogues.
He contributed to The Great Thinkers A-Z and is working on Deconstructing Demagogues, a book that examines how politicians use and misuse language.
In the early 1990s the rallying cry of conservative xenophobe demagogues, mostly from the Republican Party, was the financial burden posed to taxpayers by illegal aliens who drained public coffers by receiving social services such as welfare or the benefits of a free education.
In the amorphous, fluctuating, erratic trends of public opinion, the demagogues create a temporary focus of purpose, which they readily discard, as soon as they sense a change in popular sentiment.
I offer a simple message to the hucksters, opportunists, demagogues and the educators confused by their rhetoric.
The meddlers, demagogues, race baiters, and Communists in the United States are determined to destroy every vestige of states' rights.
The gods of Hollywood, Wall Street and Madison Avenue revel in all the Ps; their plutocrats and demagogues control our rulers with the Ps in the media.