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This is demagogy because declaring all media groups and journalists opposing his policies and practices and expressing their concerns over developments in Turkey to be terrorists, trying to silence the media groups he does not like and oppressing them via the state apparatus reveals Erdoy-an's style of administration and government.
Although Al-Assir deserves to be detained and tried, the Lebanese justice seems to be in its worst days as authorities arrest a religious preacher for his demagogy and inciting violence but allows murderers to remain at large because they are protected by Hezbollah
In Rousseau's terms, political demagogy is a situation where a government may exist, but 'continually exerts itself against the sovereignty.
On the other hand, she adds, we are witnesses of a major demagogy by the EU.
We are at a crossroad a to continue to build a more efficient and safe Europe, or close our doors and set on the path of demagogy and populism," Daul stated.
Stalin's attitude [towards the Jews] seems to have been based in part on what he took to be Hitler's successful use of anti-Semitic demagogy," Conquest wrote.
It is merely showing demagogues the path of demagogy," New York Democratic Congressman William Bourke Cockran railed against the income tax in congressional debate.
The collectivization period was a painful stage in our contemporary history, an attempt at the deviation of our development and identity, a path marked by numerous human sacrifices, a process whose negative finality was not in agreement with the communist propagandistic demagogy.
Presenting a claim that in the people of Islamic faith, the fanatics constitute a tiny minority, vilifying expansionism and radicalisation the whole Moslem community, is the matter of sheer demagogy.
April 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With this essay, the author tries to take the United States' political debate to its origin, from where it should have never departed: the point of the intellectual analysis sustained on the marketing of the ideas, not in the use of demagogy.
Putin said that the selective protection of human rights leads to empty demagogy, stressing the need for the UN to resist pressure and dictations as no-one may use force against sovereign countries under the pretense of acquiring UN approval.
65) This was why the Trudoviks never engaged in empty demagogy or why the Trudovik leaders were not exploiting more "backward" peasant deputies or constituents.