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Although Al-Assir deserves to be detained and tried, the Lebanese justice seems to be in its worst days as authorities arrest a religious preacher for his demagogy and inciting violence but allows murderers to remain at large because they are protected by Hezbollah
Furthermore, all the patter about Argentina's impressive growth rates, of over 8 % per year beginning in 2003, should impress us very little if at all, when we consider the very low starting point after the devaluation, as well as the poverty, paralysis, and chaotic nature of the Argentinian economy, where one-third of the population depends on subsidies and government aid, the real rate of inflation exceeds 30 %, and scarcity, restrictions, regulations, demagogy, the lack of reforms, and government control (and recklessness) have become a matter of course (Gallo 2012).
Putin said that the selective protection of human rights leads to empty demagogy, stressing the need for the UN to resist pressure and dictations as no-one may use force against sovereign countries under the pretense of acquiring UN approval.
The appearance of a brigade of the out-of-work outside the temples and corridors of money and power along Wall Street was enough to drive many of mainstream media's talking heads and Washington's bought-and-paid-for politicians into a frenzy of fear-mongering and demagogy.
Professor Biljana Vankovska comments that the last elections showed that the two major political parties in Macedonia are competing in the same discipline - demagogy coupled with populism.
If we tolerate such demagogy now, we will have to tolerate the many African Gaddafis who are amongst our rulers, who will one day do the same to us.
He refers to himself as a historian, but apparently his personal study of history has primarily taught him about the effectiveness of demagogy.
The establishment of the Council today attests to an abiding desire to steer clear of demagogy and improvisation as we strive to build our democratic development model on a solid foundation," the Sovereign added.
The happening of the people (associated with the horrible end of former Yugoslavia), which started with "spontaneous protests" of the Kosovo Serbs who travelled as far as to Ljubljana) is in connection with the abuse of the people, with ethno-political mobilization, populism, and demagogy of various leaders who present themselves as saviors.
Using his right-wing government as an excuse for his inability to engage the Palestinians in earnest is nothing short of demagogy.
This sounds more like populism, or as Chris Ward has put it, "plebiscitary demagogy," not democracy.
It was in this respect that the Western half of Ukraine, which avoided demagogy, was more promising.