demand for payment

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But a spokesman for Huddersfield Police said there had been a misunderstanding and the demand for payment should never have been made.
Other messages border on the criminal, with demand for payment of bills the recipient never ran up.
Since then, the city has dropped its demand for payment.
At 45 days, your business office can call and make a stronger demand for payment.
It happens all too often: a business owner gets an anonymous letter containing a sampling of his online customers' credit card numbers and a demand for payment if the business owner wants the thief to keep quiet and not post the stolen information online.
Confidential wishes to make it clear that such a demand for payment was never made by Alan and that big-hearted Alan is well known for his personal contribution to the local community and to a wide range of charitable causes which he has been happy to support throughout his career without any question of payment.
Fayyed, a former IMF official, reiterated the PA's demand for payment of $500m in tax revenues owed to the authority by Israel.
CHICAGO -- Heartland Technology today announced that it has received written demand for payment from two holders of the company's 13% Subordinated Notes.
BUSINESSES in North Wales are being told to be on the lookout for a bogus demand for payment from a Bristol-based agency claiming to be concerned with data protection.
Note that mailing a deficiency notice and demand for payment, addressed to both spouses, to the electing spouse's last known address does not start this two-year period.
The demand for payment was dropped and funds Michigan had spent on mailing educational matter in the meantime were refunded.
Nations Bank has temporarily withdrawn its demand for payment in full for the loans in default, pending receipt and analysis of additional information and a more detailed proposal for restructuring and repayment of the amounts owed.