demanded damages

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It also demanded damages, legal costs and an apology in court from Mr Farage, who is a candidate in South Thanet, Kent.
The plaintiffs claimed we were infringing on two of their patents and demanded damages.
2011 and raised his grievances, demanded damages for illegal use of the logo/symbol of the plaintiff's political party.
She has demanded damages for physical and mental distress, he added.
KRISS Donald killer Imran "Baldy" Shahid demanded damages from the taxpayer yesterday - for being kept locked up while in prison.
He said the complainant accused them of providing material support for the Mumbai terror attacks and demanded damages.
She wants the four players to retract their statements within seven days and demanded damages amounting to ` 20 lakh.
The suit filed in federal court in Texas demanded damages and asked for an injunction barring the Japanese firm from selling wind power turbines using the relevant patented technologies.
A man demanded damages from his in-laws after claiming that they had spent months enticing his wife to leave him.
The claim marks the first time a company has demanded damages from the Commission after an EU court overturned a decision to block a takeover.
On April 30, the parties attended a settlement conference where the plaintiff demanded damages in excess of $50,000.