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However, Coun Mullaney admitted that getting rid of all demarkation between road and pavement, as has happened in parts of Europe, might not be suitable for Birmingham.
Opening the blinds and looking out the window across the Joint Security Area (JSA) of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, a mere 20 yards at most to the actual military demarkation line (MDL), he can hardly make out anything in the thick fog that blankets the area.
30) And Representative Nicholson stated that "[t]he line of demarkation [sic] between State and Federal power, which has been already too much obscured by the great latitude of construction given of late to the several grants of power, is now to be entirely obliterated.
That "line of demarkation which separates the right of privacy from the well-established rights of others" (104) is drawn according to third-party harms:
The multiple objective methods advocated to determine the appropriate level for leg amputation include bleeding from skin flap margins, segmental Doppler blood pressure measurements, photoplethysmography, skin perfusion pressure, skin temperature demarkation, fluorescein delivery, xenon clearance, transcutaneous oximetry, and laser Doppler velocimetry, (2,3) but none of these measures reliably predicts wound healing.