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The Wali said in a press statement after the meeting that great efforts are underway for demarking the border with Ethiopia, indicating that the border demarcation would be completed next year after adoption of the Presidency of the Republic to the issue.
Saher bin Mohammed Al-Harbi pointed out that the directorate began demarking the zone by erecting sand barriers and guiding marks to prohibit approaching the declared specified zone, as any human or vehicle that may try to enter the zone, will be hold accountable by law, regardless of the form or purpose of entering the zone.
His left foot was standing on or just over the line demarking the area of ground under repair which is treated as part of the ground under repair.
The Security Council passed Resolution 833 for the year 1993 demarking the 216 km long Iraq-Kuwait borders.
The firm also holds statutory powers needed for taking possession of the whole land record of any village to exercise its power for demarking the land until the process of handing it over to GMADA as per Section 9 for the mega projects is completed.
Turkmenistan is demarking the border with Kazakhstan while Macedonia ended the demarcation with Kosovo few months ago," Dikena compares.
demarking a Palestinian state within June 4, 1967 borders," he noted.
The technical committee of the LAF, with the help of UNIFIL, is pursuing its work in demarking the Blue Line and it has succeeded so far in demarking the regions of Labbouneh-Alma al-Shaab, al-Dahira-Rmaysh, and Yaroun-Aitaroun," it said.
Only 40% of those interviewed noticed or used any of the information given at the display--which was limited to clip strips demarking the different battery sizes.
The diagonal seems to move in and out of space, demarking a geometrical structure, but the planes quickly reassert their flatness, reminding us that the illusion of depth is precisely that--an illusion.
A few weeks later, they surrounded Kenora's municipal buildings with yellow caution tape demarking an area the size of a local clear-cut forest.
Device Dynamics is the successor to one of the longest-established marking and demarking services in Silicon Valley and has inherited a tradition of immediate customer service, strict QA procedures, and excellent quality.