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Two paradigms are proposed: the paradigm of dematerialization and materialization model.
A policy of full producer responsibility for product and packaging disposal or re-use will also almost certainly promote dematerialization through accelerated product redesign.
Communications technologies may be the most prominent new inventions, but other important technologies also have resulted in substitution and dematerialization.
We are very satisfied with the development of the payment slip dematerialization project carried out in partnership with Panini," said Francesco Imposimato, Head of Service Delivery of Poste Italiane.
Thus, we distinguish between dematerialization and immaterialisation on the line of Simmons (2002) and Juric and Voegel (2005) to indicate that virtualizing savings should be correlated with the values or with the lifestyle of the consumer (a switch in consumption behavior from more material to less material) so that the company can benefit from eco-efficient gains of information society and / or become sustainable.
At night, subtle lighting enhances the building's mysterious allure and adds to the sense of dematerialization.
to develop, market and distribute financial products for dematerialization and electronic trading and operates a patented electronic trading platform with respect to the foregoing.
financial markets has been very successful to date, the paper says, the industry still faces a remaining fixed-cost base that will disappear only once it achieves complete dematerialization.
The purpose of this contract is to provide third-party application maintenance (tma) for the information system of the supplier invoice dematerialization solution and its associated documents, called "defacto".
Kengo Kuma's recent work explores different routes towards a singular goal: the dematerialization of buildings of diverse type and scale.
The Company charges a two percent (2%) upfront fee based on the face value of the SLSU, and three percent (3%) of the face value of the SLSU upon completion of the sub-products or strip-unit dematerialization.
Contract notice: outsourcing and dematerialization services of mail processing sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt for the benefit of cpam haute-savoie