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Three cross-sector opportunities for efficiency enabling ICTs, buildings, dematerialization and travel substitution, are also discussed.
We are very satisfied with the development of the payment slip dematerialization project carried out in partnership with Panini," said Francesco Imposimato, Head of Service Delivery of Poste Italiane.
Exhibit 37: Global EEICT-enabled Energy Savings Market in the Dematerialization Sector 2011-2015 (US$ billion)
to develop, market and distribute financial products for dematerialization and electronic trading and operates a patented electronic trading platform with respect to the foregoing.
The contract is intended to describe the conditions under which the holder in accordance with the contractual documents governing ensures the establishment of a secure organizational and technical solution of dematerialization of copies of written tests and examinations contest organized by the central services and devolved the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research.
One that has opened the door for Preventia to develop, market and facilitate a broad, new range of financial products for dematerialization and electronic trading worldwide.
Built to house a small collection of the work of Hiroshige Ando, one of Japan's greatest woodblock artists, this museum echoes the artist's sense of delicacy and dematerialization through an architecture of enviable simplicity and precision.
The paper states that "complete dematerialization will contribute to a more cost-effective, efficient, secure and competitive U.
Contract notice: Student social dossier dematerialization tool (dse) for crous de rennes, nantes, orleans-tours, caen, poitiers and la reunion.
Klein's sponge sculptures are, in a way, the abstract versions of Dubuffet's: His mode of dematerialization was saturated color, while Dubuffet's was figuration.
This sense of dematerialization is emphasized by a three-dimensional metal grid which encloses the cube, like a huge cage or climbing frame.
The Company charges a two percent (2%) upfront fee based on the face value of the SLSU, and three percent (3%) of the face value of the SLSU upon completion of the sub-products or strip-unit dematerialization.