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While the campaign to immobilize and dematerialize the U.
Dematco will dematerialize, list, and then trade SLSUs on the PTS trading platform.
Robert Stevens, Chairman of Dematco states, "This is an exciting move for Dematco; we can now offer to dematerialize and trade worldwide with instantaneous settlement using the PTS platform known as PETS.
has been engaged by another leading European investor group to dematerialize more Senior Life Settlement Units (SLSU) from Senior Life Settlement policies.
And they have sought to make the building limits dematerialize progressively at the interface with the natural environment: the finely honed roof structures, the sunbreaker fins projecting from the walls of the dormitory range, the hovering thin metal roofcovering.
has been engaged by a leading European investor group to dematerialize Senior Life Settlement Units (SLSU) from Senior Life Settlement policies totaling $100M face value.
The house embodies the complexity of the spaces coming into being after perspective: spaces of charge not necessarily electronic; spaces of dissolve not necessarily optical; spaces that go small as well as large and extralarge; spaces that, without any inspiration from computers, dematerialize the old ideas of how to take possession of them.
BBLS is planning an aggressive marketing program that could enable the holders of Senior Life Settlement Policy Trusts, their derivatives, and other financial instruments to dematerialize through Dematco achieving a greater and accelerated liquidity for this asset class.