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Quality and diversity of groceries, other foodstuffs and kitchen consumables judged on the basis of the candidate~s catalog (paper or dematerialized version) quality of the proposed products judged on the following points nature and environmental quality of the products 20% -
The purpose of the consultation is the dematerialized management of remuneration, Social protection and ancillary charges (transport and accommodation allowances) for trainees in continuing vocational training, Enrolled in a training course approved by the region and entitled to remuneration and / or social protection, Whose file is created as of 1.
Tailor-made for Quantus, Dematco believes this $10 million face value stage of its first $200 million face value contract for the sale and purchase of Senior Life Settlement Policies is the first such electronically tradable bond product from dematerialized Senior Life Insurance Policies.
Supply, Issue and delivery of paper-based or dematerialized restaurant vouchers for sdis vende staff.
Robert Stevens, Dematco Chairman and CEO, commenting on this contract said, "In a market traditionally confined to paper products, we are confident that our new products, generated from dematerialized Senior Life Settlement Policies, will prove to be a landmark in the development of the Senior Life Settlement market.
As in the church, the architects have effectively dematerialized stone into air, but rather than magically bringing light in between something heavy, here stone is itself made translucent.
Will Electronically Trade Dematerialized Senior Life Insurance Settlement Policies
Contract award notice: Framework agreement for the acquisition of a dematerialized management application for reserves
Information-based industries knowingly re-purpose the art-historical lessons of dematerialized objects.
In Mackechnies lush geometric assemblages of shimmering colour and texture, famous landmarks such as Chicago's Sears Tower and the World Trade Center in New York become dematerialized ciphers in a surreal cityscape.
Robert Stevens, CEO of Dematco states, "When approached by a customer seeking to convert Senior Life Settlement Policies (SLSP) into electronic form, it was apparent that a large potential market existed for this type of instrument to be dematerialized into Senior Life Settlement Units (SLSU).
Contract notice: Dematerialized proofing services of candidates for national administrative competitions of the hospital public service organized by the cng and associated services.