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Dement will be responsible for leading Windstream s corporate development efforts and investment strategy, as well as the short-term and long-term financial forecasting process.
At 51, Iris DeMent is no spring chicken, but her music can seem like a time capsule from someplace long, long ago.
Dement is part of the Marksmanship Unit's Service Rifle Team, which specializes in using modified M16 rifles to hit bull's-eyes at distances of 200-1,000 yards--with open sights
Dement has been supporting the use of at-home diagnostic and therapy services.
Dement this but I love the old man and would still go after the largest windmill.
Dement said the program was developed to assist Aviation Repair Technologies, an airframe and engine repair company that opened in Blytheville in October.
Bridesmaids were Wendy Edwards, Lundy Foose, Rachael Haggerty, Mandi Dement Heaslett, Anderson Hillen, Susannah Morse, and Emily Anne Richards.
According to Dement, sleep deprived people are less happy and more stressed than those getting eight hours sleep a night.
In his description of the destruction of Greenwood, the successful African American community in Tulsa that suffered the jealous wrath of its European American neighbors, Ellis Cose is in his dement.
District Judge Ira DeMent issued an order barring DeKalb County school officials from sponsoring religious activity in the classrooms and declaring a 1993 state prayer law a violation of the separation of church and state.
However, most people incur a sleep debt because they don't get enough sleep over time, Dement says.
Dement, director of Stanford University Sleep Disorders Clinic and Laboratory in California.