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In one single, silent, and disturbing scene Falder is shown in solitary confinement: he suffers a nervous collapse and batters dementedly on the door of his cell.
On the fourth day of wandering dementedly across the arid plain, he takes shelter in a cave, which-incredibly-contains food and furniture and a corpse.
His father was dementedly pious and his mother and eldest sister died of consumption while he was still young.
Expectedly, after behaving so dementedly vicious, Angelica's character was belatedly given a change of heart-in fact, when her cohort shot Angelo, she took the bullet meant to kill him
In a dementedly crowded investment space, there can easily be panic in finding the exit.
Indeed, one starts to imagine the scenes in Glasgow on a Saturday night over Christmas - gangs of bams, dementedly paralytic, covered in so many patches it looks like they've been mummified.
This is promptly followed by Dave Robson wandering round the room dementedly rattling a glass jar full of pennies in our faces until we pay up, and then for fun, demanding we chuck our pounds 1 coin in from a distance - it really doesn't take much to amuse a roomful of reporters.
There a few cheerier sights in racing than Jonjo O'Neill's face wreathed in twinkling smiles after a big win like some dementedly happy pixie.
He extracted junk from beneath my bed until he located and murdered the ailing beast, which had retreated into a remote corner where it sat dementedly flailing three of its excessive number of legs.
The dogs bark at us dementedly as we wander between their cages, eager to be let out to join in the fun.
He spins expertly on his Cuban heels as a piano is pummelled to the point of no return before howling dementedly at an imaginary moon.
It's got everything the X Factor does - deranged wannabes dementedly believing they can sing, - but it has the added bonus of Holly Willoughby (above) as host, a girl so lovely I'd burn my best friends at the stake if there was any hope of us hanging out.