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Frederic Grare, the other panelist, said that he was partly agreed with Mussadik Malik about the benefits of the CPEC but he was still unsure about the merits and demerits of the project, saying that 'there are possibilities of more tensions in the future for Pakistan with its neighbor India,'.
She was the only corps WAVE in the year she enlisted to go through boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Station without a demerit.
A zero-base system awards points for evidence of conditions as they should be--rather than assigning demerits based on deficiencies discovered.
Just as our Demerit Action Groups track down the cause of deficiencies before a truck reaches a customer, our Quality Action Groups use warranty claims to locate the source of problems that appear after delivery, and implement solutions.
The kinds of merits and demerits listed reflect the mixed Taoist and Confucian outlook of the ledgers.
WA Police has flexed its muscle ahead of the double demerit period which kicks in at midnight tonight until January 4, 2015.
Other Southern California teams finished their repairs earlier, but earned demerits for failing to solve problems with their cars, Spring said.
A flurry of letters to the editor filled the Spectator's opinion page daily in the weeks leading up to Christmas as readers debated the merits and demerits of celebrating a Christian feast in what some saw as a pluralistic society that allegedly uses "tolerance" as its watchword.
Nevertheless, the demerits of alibaba's direct sales mode are showing more and more obvious, while the ""combination of direct sales and being an agent"" mode of hc360.
Nall), the student who catches him, are both given demerits and, Scaduto must figure out a way to clear both their names.
Similarly, Points Manager enables the company to reward employees who don't accumulate demerits or lose points over a specified time period.
William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, said: ``The importance of defending Gingrich right now doesn't deny the appropriateness of a real debate a few months from now about his merits and demerits as the leader of the party, its spokesman and its chief strategist.