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Congress created the office of the program manager for chemical demilitarization in 1985.
For the Umatilla weapons disposal project, the ODEQ also maintains a physical presence on the depot totally focused on demilitarization and chemical weapons storage.
Overall objective of the assignment; The overall objective of the assignment is to create a safe working and living conditions within and around the technical workshop for repair, maintenance and demilitarization of ammunition, RzOU MiMES (TROM) Doboj.
In exceeding 1,000 days with no accidents resulting in time away from work, PBCDF surpassed the previous safety record for demilitarization facilities set by the WDC pilot plant on Johnson Atoll in the South Pacific, thus building on the foundation of their success with lessons learned.
Washington Group has been performing chemical demilitarization operations in Anniston, Umatilla, and Pine Bluff for several years, successfully destroying more than 432,000 rockets, mortars, projectiles, landmines, and bulk containers of chemical agent and nearly 2,139 tons of chemical warfare material.
The merger of Morrison Knudsen and Raytheon Demilitarization Co.
During this 10-year period, the company provided project management, engineering, laboratory, air monitoring and operations support for testing, fielding and operations of mobile chemical agent demilitarization systems and other chemical agent materiel projects.
Chemical Demilitarization Program was established to protect people and the environment by overseeing the safe destruction of chemical agents.
The chemical demilitarization program is expected to run through 2007 at a cost of about $1 billion.
Ammunition demilitarization is a process that involves the separation of the munitions' elements, such as explosives, metal parts and plastics.
The depot's missions cover heavy and light combat system support, including towed and self-propelled artillery and small arms, conventional ammunition storage and demilitarization; chemical weapons storage and demilitarization, as well as numerous other tenant support operations.
Pine Bluff is the fourth chemical agent weapons demilitarization project Washington Group International has brought on line.