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is currently working to set up a Casa de Justicia in San Vicente de Caguan, the main urban area in the former demilitarized zone.
20, when the latest authorization of the demilitarized zone expires.
Pastrana said the government proposed reducing the size of the demilitarized zone, "modifying" its location, and starting the national convention in a foreign country "with a view to moving it later to Colombia.
government goes on record opposing cease-fire zones and demilitarized zones, it becomes clear that Washington prefers war to peace.
The statement urged the government of Sudan to halt any action hindering flow of South Sudan's oil through its territories and to allow the two mechanisms ( the technical team on demarcation of the boundary of the demilitarized zone and the mechanism on verification of rebel support issue) to complete their tasks.
Most recently, a North Korean soldier crossed the western sector of the Demilitarized Zone separating the two Koreas on October 6 after reportedly killing two of his officers.
SEOUL, South Korea, Shawwal 20, 1433, Sep 7, 2012, SPA -- Efforts to preserve wildlife in the demilitarized zone that lies between heavily armed North and South Korea are on the agenda at a major environmental forum on South Korea's Jeju island, AP reported.
President Barack Obama will visit the Demilitarized Zone that divides the Korean Peninsula on Sunday ahead of the two-day Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul from next Monday, the White House said Tuesday.
The Council also called upon all Member States, in particular Sudan and South Sudan, to ensure the free, unhindered and expeditious movement to and from Abyei and through the Safe Demilitarized Zone of all personnel, equipment, provisions, supplies and other goods, including vehicles, aircraft and spare parts, for the Mission s exclusive and official use.
As part of the cease-fire agreement, a demilitarized zone was created north of the 38th parallel along the final battle line, separating North and South Korea.
BOGOTA -- In a letter posted on his groups website, paramilitary leader Carlos Castano said his men are willing to kill or die to prevent the creation of a demilitarized zone for the guerrilla group ELN.
Army in Korea, where he helped plan the Demilitarized Zone (1953); and in the headquarters of the Army Forces Far East in Tokyo (1953-54).