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Proprio nell'incipit di Nichel lo scrittore ricorda il conseguimento della laurea in chimica nel luglio del 1941 e la sua forzata deminutio a pergamena dentro un cassetto (5).
The following essay, by Zygmunt Baranski, takes previous critics to task for exaggerating both Petrarch's resentment and admiration of Dante, but then goes on to define the former's treatment of his predecessor as one of programmatic deminutio, with the aim of dismantling the contemporary image of Dante as "divine poet of the afterlife, font of wisdom, and disseminator of truths" (60): Petrarch does not acknowledge the Commedia as model for his own vernacular epic in terza rima, the Triumphi, and reduces Dante in it, and in the Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, to merely one among a "schiera" of Italian love poets.