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The democratically elected parliament was established in June 2014 following a free and fair election.
President Barack Obama, in January, 2013, rejected any attempt to topple a democratically elected President of South Sudan.
The Political Parties Development Project helps political parties in Pakistan more effectively and democratically develop policies that respond to constituent and grassroots concerns.
It is beyond dispute that greedy, stupid bankers have played a significant role in getting us where we are today but Mr Jackson cannot escape the fact that it was democratically elected politicians who dismally failed to put in place regulations which would have restricted the activities of those bankers, neither can he escape the fact that it was politicians, such as Gordon Brown, who borrowed enormous amounts of money to pay for ridiculous, unsustainable levels of public spending.
For the past decade, the Canadian Forces have been half a world away in Afghanistan, protecting willing, but intimidated, students from die-hard fanatics who have nothing but contempt for democratically elected governments, as demonstrated by their attacks on government officials.
The State Department announced late on Tuesday that it imposed "restrictions on travel to the United States on persons and the immediate family of persons who block Mali's return to civilian rule and a democratically-elected government, including those who actively promote Captain Amadou Sanogo and the National Committee for the Restoration of Democracy, who seized power from democratically elected President Amadou Toumani Tour on March 21, 2012".
The laws on holding local council elections fairly, democratically, in a legal framework without the use of the administrative resources are primarily being violated by the President's SDPK party, the Mayor stated.
WASHINGTON, June 17 -- The democratically elected government of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) is not only combating terrorism but also strengthening democratic institutions, which were damaged due to decades of dictatorship, Media Advisor to President Asif Ali Zardari, Farahnaz Isphahani said on Wednesday.
Today Burma is governed by a despised military dictatorship and its democratically elected leader imprisoned for many years.
Aa"As a pharmacy school, we are capable of winning the elections democratically since what matters to us is the pharmacists' interests first and last.
In his opening paragraph he states, "Yes, there was a coup which overthrew the democratically elected government.
Why are soldiers of Israel's democratically elected government called "government forces" but troops of the democratically elected government in Gaza are always "from the militant group Hamas"?

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