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According to social demographers, a "culture of expectation" had already drowned Australia's "can-do" attitude.
The good news for Democrats", said Frey, "is that demographers are often wrong.
A common past view among demographers was that fertility would level off at or near the replacement level of 2.
Despite the overall reduction of the undercount estimate, the demographers found more undocumented immigrants than they had expected.
Fast-rising life expectancy and the world's lowest birthrate are combining to make Italy "the oldest country in the world," as demographers put it.
Steve Murdock, the former state demographer and former director of the U.
last year, a drop from a high point of 12 million in 2007, accompanied by a "pretty substantial drop" in overall net immigration, according to Population Reference Bureau demographer Mark Mather.
KPMG demographer Bernard Salt said their rarity compared to women of the same age is leading to some men having delusions about their sex appeal.
Professor Li Yongping, a Belying university demographer, has produced a report recommending that people should be allowed to have more children, thus effectively ending the one-child policy.
Carl Haub, a demographer with the Population Reference Bureau, points out that the population explosion concern in the 1960s never had anything to do with the developed countries.
The leading thinkers on this subject, from French demographer Jean-Claude Chesnais to American MacArthur genius and feminist economist Nancy Folbre, have made a provocative case that when women have wide opportunities in the workplace that are severely curtailed by having children, the birth rate will fall to very low levels.
One German demographer warned that Germany in 1924 had a birthrate of only 20.