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independent samples t-test, one way ANOVA, Pearson product moment correlation (Pearson r) and linear regression were applied to find out the variation in prospective teachers' dispositions of instructional planning and strategies on the basis of demographical variables.
But it should be mentioned that the ARHMM with demographical for distinct state Xt could also be developed with more complexity.
To know demographical and clinical profile of snake bite patients presenting to a tertiary care center in Kuppam.
The report provides both current and future trends in the prevalence, demographical breakup, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in Japan.
This is despite a number of ongoing challenges brought about by the geography and demographical make-up of Northumberland.
This would outline its implementation in terms of agricultural, demographical and service activities.
Abdullah Al Hashmi, Chairman of the board of directors at Majan Electricity Company, said: "These projects are a part of the company's efforts to expand the electrical network due to the expanding demand of electricity, which represents the growth of the country on both economical and demographical scales.
Demographical properties such as culture, gender and age, diseases, motivation and cognitive functions are effective in determination of physical activity ([section]ahin 2010).
Ay-ry is not a traditional spot for PKK activity; it's a tough city for the PKK to keep militants in, for geographical and demographical reasons.
Demographical data that included age, sex, duration of diabetes, duration of diabetic foot, location of foot ulcer, and Wagner's grade were recorded for every case.
While one might wonder how the experience of Bangladesh can be relevant to Cambodia a country with widely different historical geographical and demographical background; Dr.
With strict security protocols - only demographical, statistical and trend-based data is shared - a consumer's identity is never compromised.

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