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The above explanation of the optional demographical identification is significantly clearer than traditional application forms, but exactly what or how services or outreach will be carried out in favour of equity remains vague.
Pearson correlation coefficient is 57% which indicates a relatively high correlation between demographical factors and brand selection.
Furthermore, instead of geographical distance, this research utilises a distance defined by demographical structures and the scale of market developments to construct spatial dependence.
The influence of demographical factors on the interaction between entrepreneurship and unemployment, Inzinerine Ekonomika--Engineering Economics (4): 60-70.
In an earlier statement, Yakier Saghif, director of East Jerusalem affairs in the Israeli municipality, announced that the wall and settlements around Jerusalem were for political and demographical reasons, not only for security.
As Raili Nugin points out: "This is a simplification, but one can somewhat forcibly talk about two approaches to the conceptualization of generation: one concentrating on intangible features that carry the generational consciousness: studies in memory, biographies, discourse etc; the other concentrating on social and demographical structures while constructing generations: studies in demographical behaviour, on career opportunities structures, income, social transitions.
Because Kirkuk faced demographical changes by Saddam's government, hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Turkmen were displaced in Kirkuk and replaced by Arabs from the south and middle of Iraq.
He said that 54 percent of such people reside in Asia, and they would have to face more challenges of economic implications of aging population, as the demographical trend was expected to remain same.
It also aims to study demographical and economic features of visitors and their expenditures.
He said the Palestinians in Israel suffer from Jewish racism, and in Lebanon they suffer from sectarianism amid local fears of their resettlement in Lebanon, thus tipping the demographical balance towards the Muslims.
This is not to mention the differences between the political and demographical structures, as well as the historical and ideological background of the forces influencing the general picture in both countries, and the social backgrounds they come from.
The international group of researchers examined various intersections (historical, religious, demographical etc.

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