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Hence, in the context of the low Muslim demography, Sir Syed's gravest concern at this juncture, to quote his own words, was how to get "the two nations - the Mohammedans and Hindus - sit on the same throne and remain in equal power.
However, Kirkuk Mayor believes that Kirkuk is a special case and should be differentiated from other cities, and the ethnic components of the city should not be allowed to try to increase their community sizes to change the demography of the city.
These nefarious designs and conspiracies are being hatched to defeat our resistance movement and to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a Muslim-majority state," Malik had said.
Regarding the West part of Europe, Caldwell (1999) takes into consideration the importance of socioeconomic change and demography.
They set the context of the deniers, describing geopolitics and offering a summary of demography and statistics.
As the new director of the Cornell Population Center (CPC), Lichter and other CPC leaders are uniting faculty members and graduate students from a wide swath of disciplines to apply demography in three main areas: families and children, health behaviors and disparities, and poverty and inequality.
The family and demography are national policies but we are faced with a set of common problems.
The five-day training in the latest demographic analysis methods was held in Bishkek on November 3-7 for specialists of demographic statistics from Central Asian countries as part of the research project of the Institute of Demography of the State University Higher School of Economics (Russia) and the Center for Demography and Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) "Mortality in Central Asia" with organizational support of the United Nations Population Fund.
Libby Schweber, Disciplining Statistics: Demography and Vital Statistics in France and England, 1830-1885 (Durham: Duke University Press 2006)
They maintained that the organizational demography literature has increased our understanding of group- and organizational-level dynamics of diversity, while largely ignoring its role in shaping individual behaviour: 'feelings and behaviors of individuals can be shaped by the diversity of work teams, it is possible that dyadic interactions are shaped by both relational demography and team composition' (p.
There are also new chapters, on marriage and family, demography of gender, and the demography of social stratification.
Conservation of wildlife populations; demography, genetics, and management.