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The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) affirmed that the Israeli authorities do not only demolish Palestinian homes, but also hinder the issuance of any building licenses for Palestinians in Jerusalem and its boundaries.
The squad would operate every day from 11 am to 4 pm to demolish buildings at Hafiz Jamal road and Metro Bus project authority would employ heavy machinery to remove the debris from 11 pm till 4 am every night, says an official release issued here Tuesday.
G Land and Estate, Director Enforcement and other senior officers of the authority remained present during the operation for which heavy machinery is being used to demolish the illegal structures.
He chose to demolish his home to avoid a 73,000 shekel ($20,400) fine imposed by the Jerusalem municipality for destruction costs.
FAMILIES voiced their anger at plans to demolish tower blocks on a visit from Labour's Shadow Communities Secretary.
A Palestinian from the Arab neighbourhood of Shaikh Jarah evacuated his family and demolished his own house to spare himself the heavy fees which he should pay to the Israeli bulldozers that will arrive sooner or later to demolish his house as he received a warning letter from the occupied Jerusalem Municipality.
Seven years after the above ground structure of the United States Customs House was cleared after being severely damaged in the September 11 terrorist attacks, a permit was filed this week to demolish remaining underground steel structures within the demolished building's footprint.
Plans to demolish a Newcastle tower block may be re-considered, city council leader John Shipley has said.
He advised Tujunga residents on how to save a quirky castle and pushed the school district to restore rather than demolish the Ambassador Hotel.
However, an attitude prevails that says, 'we don't need to demolish them--they will demolish themselves', gratuitously prolonging the agony; as a result many Constructivist monuments are suffering a slow, public death.
BULLDOZERS are poised to move in to demolish another social club in Nuneaton and Bedworth borough.
Demolish is a punk 'zine leaning toward what looks to be the poppier side of punk out of Australia.