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Umer issued a decree Monday night to the Ministry of Information to demolish all statues in Afghanistan, declaring statues, including even ancient Buddhas, as insulting to Islam.
The municipal authorities installed stickers on the violating constructions and wrote the warning letters with paints on the violating constructions to make their owners fix their status or demolish these constructions themselves as officially they were considered illegal constructions.
A spokesman for Newcastle City Council said: "We're pleased the owner of this site has issued instructions to demolish a building that has been a matter of concern for some time.
The Valley Village Homeowners Residents Association is also calling for a temporary stop to all evictions until the city attorney can close loopholes that allow landlords to evict residents before getting city approval to demolish and develop new condos.
However, Liverpool City Council is so creatively void of understanding, that they have to demolish homes
The purchase price hinges on Con Ed gaining approval to demolish the Waterside plant and thereby expand their 14th Street plant.
Prior to 1984, the taxpayer's intent on acquisition of property generally governed the tax treatment of costs incurred to demolish an existing structure; that is, a current deduction was allowed if the intent to demolish the structure was formed subsequent to the time of acquisition, while capitalization was required if the intent to demolish existed at the time of purchase.
We carried out four explosions in total to demolish the boiler and approximately 100- 125 kg of explosives were used.
The local authority decided to demolish the derelict building at Colwyn Bay after it became a magnet for vandals and firebugs.
Department of Housing & Urban Development's office here to demolish a 420-unit high-rise apartment building in Newark has drawn sharp criticism from the backers of a plan to renovate the 22-story building and transform the apartments from Section-8 subsidies to market-rate rentals.
Mu'tasem Abu Farha said that Jerusalem Municipality handed him an administrative decision last Thursday to evacuate his house because IOF will demolish it