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Real-time marketing also operates on the accurate premise that the web is an unsentimental slayer of yesterday's content and a demolisher of loyalties.
We only worked with people from Waalwijk--the furniture makers, the painter, the demolisher, all of those young people.
In that way we are both, at once, guard and smuggler, architect and demolisher.
His 5 for 69 has continued to build his reputation as a wicket-taker, partnership breaker and tail demolisher in home Tests.
But it was before us when in 2009, Mulayam, the so- called sympathiser of Muslims, had joined hands with Kalyan Singh, the demolisher of Babri Masjid.
As the archetypal demolisher of families, Medea functions as an epitomizing figure not just for Phaedra's uncontrollable passion, but for all other forms of disorder the text elaborates--cosmic, moral, gendered, and generational.
The main consequence of such behavior is the splitting of the actor's image into the angelic and the demonic: an advocate of forma and ideal purity, on the one hand, and a gruesome demolisher of messy materiality, on the other.
But the plans for the new quarter, the EUR, to be completed in time for the Esposizione Universale planned for 1942, allowed the Fascist government to present itself as the creator of the new Rome, and no longer as the demolisher of the ancient city.
When the lazaret was closed, most of the buildings were dismantled and the timbers stacked in piles waiting collection by the demolisher who would take them to the mainland.
A human being with no remorse and a perverted demolisher, he must have analyzed the vast wreckage around him at the end of his presidency strewn with colossal foreign policy failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and decided to go out in full fanfare -- this time in Gaza.
These revelations have led some historians and cultural commentators to wonder if perhaps Joseph McCarthy, the red-baiting Republican senator from Wisconsin who was both architect and demolisher of his eponymous era, was more right than wrong.