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The main consequence of such behavior is the splitting of the actor's image into the angelic and the demonic: an advocate of forma and ideal purity, on the one hand, and a gruesome demolisher of messy materiality, on the other.
But the plans for the new quarter, the EUR, to be completed in time for the Esposizione Universale planned for 1942, allowed the Fascist government to present itself as the creator of the new Rome, and no longer as the demolisher of the ancient city.
When the lazaret was closed, most of the buildings were dismantled and the timbers stacked in piles waiting collection by the demolisher who would take them to the mainland.
A human being with no remorse and a perverted demolisher, he must have analyzed the vast wreckage around him at the end of his presidency strewn with colossal foreign policy failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and decided to go out in full fanfare aC" this time in Gaza.
These revelations have led some historians and cultural commentators to wonder if perhaps Joseph McCarthy, the red-baiting Republican senator from Wisconsin who was both architect and demolisher of his eponymous era, was more right than wrong.
Most inspiring for today is the notion of Saint Francis as a demolisher of crusades and a bastion of peace intending "to tear down the theological barriers dividing Christians and Muslims.
1) Rough, country hands, adapted to rural chores, one might think, rather than to battering French literature (along with a few of its feebler practitioners), and yet, if anyone merits the questionable distinction of literary demolisher, it is Rimbaud.
Christina has actually accused a writer of 'neo-parochialism', but the film itself has a texture of xenophobia, in that the indiscriminate demolisher of cars, relationships, and Electra complexes alike is a dope-smoking American who compares a tangi with the practice of 'our Indians', so that the film's final endorsement is of God's Own Frontier.
Antaeus, proponent of dark, instinctual beliefs, and Hercules, skeptical light-bringer and demolisher of irrational credences, continue to wrestle in Heaney's mind, just as they did in North.
For boys there are, of course, weapons such as the Nerf Demolisher 2-in-1, or the Transformers Stomp and Chomp Grimlock, the biggest-ever Transformer.
Outposts - Nagrand Tankworks: Telaari Siege Engine and Wor'var Demolisher - now deals less damage against other players.
99 doll that comes with wifi, and the Nerf Demolisher dart gun for PS44.