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When the strokes intersect thousands of times, as in Untitled 0420, 2014, the scratched lines and streaks of pushed paint create a sense of perspective and thus reality in the demonically tangled bush; the complexity and verisimilitude absorb the gaze as it navigates from the seemingly tangible close-up of leaves and bramble to the receding winter sky topped with shades of blue-gray cloud.
Late in his own life, after facing down his own physical limitations, Nathan Zuckerman confronts the mystery of Seymour Levov and in the process reveals the unraveling of this handsome, successful, and hyperbolically ordinary Jewish-American man at the hands of his demonically vengeful daughter, Merry.
05PM PREMIERE "Cross my heart, hope to die," says Shiloh Fernandez (above) in a demonically straightfaced revision of Sam Raimi's tree-hugging 'video nasty'.
Newcastle's players were phenomenal in their commitment - demonically committed in the case of the dismissed Steven Taylor.
Maybe the vandalism is an easily transmitted social disease but freedom is demonically more contagious, stresses Organovski
There was a pretense that the Taliban, Saddam, Gaddafi, or Assad were demonically evil and without any true supporters.
Among the many objects from paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren's cabinet of demonically possessed curiosities that got their close-ups in "The Conjuring," the indisputable scene-stealer was Annabelle, a pigtailed, rosy-cheeked wooden moppet who looked like Howdy Doody in drag, or Raggedy Ann after a long night in the wrong part of town.
This would be early Nixon-era conservative domestic bliss, if it wasn't for that demonically possessed doll collection.
Far from projecting majestically or demonically into the viewer's perceptual world like a classical statue, the icon beckons from a heavenly sphere beyond space and time.
The directors engineer a couple of neat sequences like the demise of three teenagers, who stumble upon demonically possessed Sam in the woods.
Some might have thought Donohoe's interpretation too dark and portentous but I found it utterly convincing - and the Dante Sonata raged and whirled demonically.
Then what else could you expect if not conservatism prevailing over there overwhelmingly, opening the doors wide to fanaticism, militancy and stridency to embed and flourish demonically viciously?