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cautioned that although physical damage may occur at the microscopic level, the policyholder still must demonstrate distinct and demonstrable physical damage.
Appointment of a full- or part-time medical director may be made only on a legitimate and demonstrable business purpose for doing so.
The power of these volcanic eruptions of authentic fictions dearly sparked Baselitz's own imagination, not only in visually demonstrable ways (a series of paintings from 1992-93, with their at first illegible filaments of paint that are suddenly transformed into free-floating nudes, look like sophisticated branches off Hill's desperate tree) but also in terms of his virtuoso introductory text.
Serve as a catalyst to bring about demonstrable improvements in accounting education such as curriculum restructuring, alternative education processes, developing new education materials and using and educating future accounting faculty differently.
The compound was determined to have demonstrable and comprehensive anti-aging properties, as well as demonstrative effectiveness in counteracting a leading cause of aging -"mitochondrial decay".
Then there's the LAUSD's infamous facilities division, which hasn't yet shown any demonstrable signs of improvement.
What is demonstrable are the repeated patterns, the eye's preference for such subtle variation over both visual disorder and plane geometric regularity, and a far greater continuing interest in Pollock than in any of his spontaneous paint-throwing imitators.
The controversial measure had prohibited residues of cancer-causing pesticides in processed foods if the residues were more concentrated in the final product than in the raw ingredients-even if the amounts in question posed no demonstrable health risk.
The firm targets investments of up to $200 million in situations where there is a demonstrable opportunity to significantly enhance a company's value.
There are a number of demonstrable trends that are at work at the CSU that, from our point of view, are a serious threat to quality education,'' Meisenhelder said.
Golden Gate targets investments in situations where there is a demonstrable opportunity to significantly enhance a company's value.
The unions hate NAFTA even though it has done no demonstrable harm to their interests and the Teamsters certainly don't want any competition on the road.