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As a comparison of these three articles demonstrates, despite similarities in the brutality of rape and the problems of sexual vulnerability in rural societies, rape became a very different criminal act based upon local priorities.
Yushin will demonstrate the merits of putting internet access into robot controls for retrieving set-ups, production notes for a job, or maintenance information.
Performance test results and other findings will demonstrate the capabilities of industry-standard Windows- and Intel-based platforms in an area traditionally dominated by clusters of UNIX computers and proprietary vector supercomputers.
In his normative judgments on philosophies that attempt to demonstrate God's existence by a moral path, Byrne argues that any successful effort in this area must possess two attributes.
Whereas episcopal Visitors identified the parish as the parish church, the author demonstrates that Orensanos "did not limit their interaction with the spiritual world to the parish church" (17).
Syntax-Brillian Corporation (Nasdaq:BRLC) announced today that, at CES 2007, the LCD and LCoS[TM] innovator will demonstrate multiple LCD and LCoS[TM] displays as technology demonstration items that showcase the company's ongoing leadership in digital display production and design.
Represents Fourth Phase 3 Clinical Trial of SILENOR[TM] to Demonstrate Positive Results in the Treatment of Insomnia
Bennett begins her book with a long and thoroughly researched discussion of nostalgia and its practice in Shakespearean production, which, she asserts, demonstrates "the desire for a stable present [which] manifests itself through a nostalgia for a certain sort of history" (75).
Previous data using these models for agents commonly used in the treatment of multiple myeloma did not demonstrate similar effects on myeloma cancer stem cells.
Patients are classified as ACR20 responders if they demonstrate a 20% improvement from baseline in tender and swollen joint count and at least 3 of 5 other symptom related criteria.
The solution provides high quality, multimedia broadcasts to mobile devices and demonstrates live, digital TV sent from the show floor to a variety of mobile devices, including GSM phones with integrated DVB-H functionality.