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IAQ research in the last 20 years has produced enough technical data to convincingly demonstrate that enhanced IAQ, thermal and visual comfort, some of the factors that impact productivity, can not only realize a net productivity gain for occupants of HPBs--but also generate a return on investment beyond the obvious energy and water savings.
As this list demonstrates, the volume covers a lot of ground and provides numerous perspectives about the functioning of sexual aggression across the American experience.
The latter will demonstrate the new Twinshot technology for two-component sandwich molding with a single barrel on a conventional machine.
Unisys recently announced plans to collaborate with the Cornell Theory Center (CTC) to demonstrate the value of the Unisys Enterprise Server ES7000 as a platform for use in high-performance computing (HPC) environments.
Professor of philosophy at King's College in London, Byrne provides a critical analysis of various efforts to demonstrate the existence of God based upon the phenomena of the moral life.
Norman's study effectively demonstrates the Franciscan context from which Musso's preaching emerges and to which it adheres.
Syntax-Brillian Corporation (Nasdaq:BRLC) announced today that, at CES 2007, the LCD and LCoS[TM] innovator will demonstrate multiple LCD and LCoS[TM] displays as technology demonstration items that showcase the company's ongoing leadership in digital display production and design.
Represents Fourth Phase 3 Clinical Trial of SILENOR[TM] to Demonstrate Positive Results in the Treatment of Insomnia
Previous data using these models for agents commonly used in the treatment of multiple myeloma did not demonstrate similar effects on myeloma cancer stem cells.
Patients are classified as ACR20 responders if they demonstrate a 20% improvement from baseline in tender and swollen joint count and at least 3 of 5 other symptom related criteria.
The solution provides high quality, multimedia broadcasts to mobile devices and demonstrates live, digital TV sent from the show floor to a variety of mobile devices, including GSM phones with integrated DVB-H functionality.